Work Experience

I offer work experience opportunities to students from the South Staffordshire constituency. To check whether I am your MP, please visit and type in your postcode. 

The placement gives young people an insight into local politics and a chance to boost their skills. Students will be able to help with a number of tasks:

  • Casework, depending on the age and ability of the student
  • Researching an issue
  • Taking press-cuttings
  • Writing press releases
  • Accompanying the MP to a meeting or event in the House or in the Constituency
  • Assisting with office duties
  • Answering queries from constituents, either by 'phone or by email

Please complete the application form below and send to:

Jubilee House

59 Wolverhampton Road


South Staffordshire


Alternatively, you can email it to


*please note, we only offer a 2 day work experience in the constituency and a three day programme in Westminster.

* You must be over 18 and have completed work experience in the constituency to undertake Parliamentary work experience.



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