MP questions Prime Minister about tax avoidance by trade unions

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, today questioned the Prime Minister about tax avoidance by trade unions.

Following an address by the Prime Minister on the subject of the recent G20 summit, Gavin queried whether he had raised the question of avoidance by unions at the international forum.

The questions came in the wake of a claim, published by a number of national papers over the weekend, that Unite - one of the country’s biggest public sector unions - did not pay any tax in 2011 and 2012, despite owning £51.6 million of stocks and shares.

Gavin said:  What discussions did my Rt Hon friend have at the G20 to crack down on tax avoidance by trade unions?

In response, the Rt Hon David Cameron MP said: “Well, I wasn’t aware when I was at the G20 that Britain’s trade unions were dodging their taxes, as well as all the other things that they do, but I got home from the G20 to read this in the Sunday newspapers.

“But, I am sure when the Leader of the Opposition goes to address the ‘brothers’  - he always seems to have some problems with brothers - in Bournemouth, he will sort it all out.”