MP presents petition to Parliament rejecting proposed biomass and anaerobic digestion facility

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, has presented a petition to Parliament rejecting proposals for a new biomass and anaerobic digestion facility in Huntington.

The petition, which contained 295 signatures, was started by local residents who were concerned about the impact such a development would have on the surrounding area.

They protested on the grounds that properties in the vicinity would be devalued and that there would be increased air/smell pollution from the transportation/storage of animal slurry, animal waste and food waste.

Concerns were also raised that there would be increased traffic and congestion to the site, that the plant would have an effect on the local wildlife and that it would be an eye sore within the local natural green belt area.

Before submitting the petition in Parliament, Gavin himself wrote to the County on behalf of the 300 constituents who had made their objections known to him.

He also attended a public meeting, on April 19, to protest the proposed development,

On submitting the petition, Gavin said: “I, myself, have strong objections to this proposed facility. We already have several of these plants in the area and so are well versed in the negative impact that they can have on both the environment and local community.

“This petition goes to show that there are many residents living in or around Huntington who oppose this development and I think it is extremely important that their voices are heard and their concerns addressed.”

Huntington District Councillor David Williams, who is also protesting the proposals, added: “These proposals are ridiculous and I am very glad that this petition is being presented to Parliament. I have been opposing this application from the very start and will be continuing to do so going forward. I truly hope that the weight of those against it will make an impact on the County Council.”

The deadline for submitting objections to the proposed development has been extended until May 7, 2013.