MP criticizes "excessive" prison food

Gavin Williamson MP for South Staffordshire has attacked the vast variety of meals served in the Prison service. 

An article in the Express and Star published on 28 February provided examples of ‘culinary delights’ including braised pork chops, goulash and poached fish, details of which have recently been released under the Freedom of Information Act.   

For the Royal Wedding, inmates at HMP Stafford were treated to the choice of poached fish, roast dinner, Austrian mushroom strudel or vegetable pasta bake.  Meanwhile, over Christmas, HMP Hewell in Redditch served up roast turkey and trimmings, with other Prisons in the area serving similar dishes. 

Gavin Williamson has criticized the wide variety of feasts being served.  Commenting on the situation, Gavin Williamson MP said:

“I’m not saying that prisoners should eat gruel, but it does look excessive in terms of the choice.  It needs to be remembered that these people are serving time for crimes they have committed and while they should have decent, basic food, I do question the variety.  It looks as though prison authorities got carried away.”