Gavin Williamson MP calls for action on yobs.

In Questions to the Home Office, Gavin Williamson, Member of Parliament for South Staffordshire, called for tougher action on anti-social behaviour. 

Speaking in the Commons Gavin Williamson asked what additional programmes are being put in place to stop perpetrators of anti social behaviour bringing misery to communities that just want safe streets and an end to anti-social behaviour. 

In response to Gavin Williamson MP’s question Home Office Minister James Brockenshire said that the Government was going to introduce programmes where perpetrators of anti-social behaviour could be thrown out of their homes if they are living with a social landlord as an active deterrent to prevent anti-social behaviour. 

Commenting on this after the Question session Gavin Williamson MP said:

‘These are positive actions that we need to start introducing in order to really crack down on persistent offenders.  In my time as a Member of Parliament I have had to deal with many incidences of antisocial behaviour that have arisen within villages in South Staffordshire.  I have often felt that the Police have not had the proper powers and the ability to deal with the dreadful behaviour of a small minority of people.  It is my hope that changes in the law will give Police and the community the powers that they need to deal with this small minority of yobs.’