Gavin visits Mobile Breast Screening Unit

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, met with campaigners

Gavin Williamson recently met with campaigners who have pushed for the reintroduction of the Mobile Breast Screening Unit to Codsall, which arrived at South Staffordshire Council on March the 11th for a period of 16 weeks. Screening will take place every week from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm. 

Previously, women from surrounding areas faced having to take two buses each way to access the unit, which was previously located in Wombourne. This had led to an extremely worrying fall in the number of women in areas affected seeking screenings. Gavin had campaigned for the Mobile Breast Screening Unit to be more accessible for a wider number of constituents, meeting with both representatives of NHS England and Russell House Surgery PPG.

Commenting on the meeting, Gavin said ‘I was absolutely delighted when I heard the wonderful news that the Mobile Breast Screening Unit was returning to Codsall after a ten year gap. Screening for breast cancer is so important as the earlier the cancer is detected, the more successful the treatment and recovery period will be. I would like to thank those who have campaigned, and are continuing to campaign, for raising awareness of accessibility and the barriers many face, as well as the importance of breast cancer screening. Their hard work has meant that women are able to easily access such an important facility.’

Women aged between 50 and 70 years are routinely invited for screening. However, if you are over 70 and have not been screened, you can call this number to arrange your free screening appointment – 01384 244177.