Gavin visits Codsall & Bilbrook Cancer Support Group

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, attended the support group at Bilbrook and Codsall Fire Station

Since establishing in August, Heather Dean, the Chair of the group, has worked incredibly hard to meet and talk to those affected by cancer after she was diagnosed earlier this year, fortunately being given the all-clear over summer. She is determined to get people talking about cancer as she believes that many individuals who have suffered from - or are suffering from - cancer often feel isolated and would, therefore, benefit from meeting with those in a similar situation. She also wants to encourage individuals to visit their GP if they are concerned about any symptoms they are having and hopes to raise awareness of the symptoms associated with cancer.

"It was humbling having the opportunity to visit Codsall & Bilbrook Cancer Support Group at Bilbrook and Codsall Community Fire Station.

I really do respect the work the group undertake in the community to raise awareness of cancer, as well as providing non-medical information, assisting members to ask the right questions around treatment, and also supporting those with cancer."

The group had its first meeting on Thursday 18th October: you can attend the meetings on the third Thursday at the month at the Fire Station from 10.00 to 11.45. You do not need to contact anyone beforehand, just turn up and you will be warmly welcomed by the group.