Gavin participates in Living Streets panel discussion on making streets pedestrian friendly

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, took part in Living Streets’ ‘Beyond Portas: Can walking friendly places save the high street?’ panel discussion, this week.

Gavin was one of five panellists at the Conservative Party fringe event in Manchester

The other panellists included Living Streets chief executive Tony Armstrong, ATCM chief executive Martin Blackwell, retail specialist and author Bill Grimsey and leader of the Conservative Group, Birmingham City Council, member of LGA Economy and Transport Board, Lord Mike Whitby.

Mr. Armstrong introduced the panel members to the audience, before spending around five to ten minutes describing the work being undertaken by Living Streets and highlighting key points of its latest report, Pedestrian Pound’.

The other panellists were then given the opportunity to comment and reflect on how making improvements to the public realm – to ensure that they are pedestrian friendly - could deliver economic benefits to business and local communities.

On the event, Gavin said: “It was an extremely interesting discussion. These are the sort of ideas that we must be open to exploring if we want to ensure the long term future of our high streets.”