Gavin meets with Kinver Green Belt Action Group

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, met with the action group to discuss the importance of protecting our green belt.

Kinver Green Belt Action Group are completely opposed to our green belt being built upon. However, the group is disappointed that land at Whitehill, Kinver, has been used in the District Council's Authority Site Allocations Document, despite their previous work campaigning against this land being used.

The group met with Gavin to discuss their concerns as, alongside irreversibly damaging the green belt, they are concerned about the view from the Rock Houses being ruined, as well as traffic problems worsening in the Potters Cross area within Kinver. 

Commenting on the visit, Gavin said: "It was great to once again meet with the Kinver Green Belt Action Group who, like myself, are passionate about preserving our green belt for future generations. Alongside other action groups in South Staffordshire, I will be working hard to ensure that our green belt is taken seriously through repeatedly opposing planning applications that disregard the importance of our land. I encourage all residents to do the same in opposing these applications so that our voices can be heard".