Gavin Joins Parents to Protest School Transport Charges

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, has called on the County Council to reassess the route which he believes is unsafe

More than 2,500 residents have signed a petition calling on Staffordshire County Council to provide free transport for pupils affected, as they believe the route is unsafe, as well as being cluttered with debris.

Gavin joined residents in walking the route between Codsall and Perton. Commenting, Gavin said: “For so long children in Perton have had to pay either extortionate fees or walk to Codsall and quite frankly it is not a safe route for them to walk. What we want the county council to be looking at is, and ensure they have free home to school transport.

"We want them to look at this seriously - is this a route they would want their children to be walking on? The simple answer is no they wouldn't.

"It is not a route I would be wanting my children to be taking. The footpaths are incredibly narrow. But also as they try to cross the A41, a major A-road, there is no proper crossing point or no assisted crossing point there”