Gavin Calls for Faster Broadband in Himley

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, has called on Openreach to better connect the residents of Himley.

A fibre optic line has yet to be installed and after numerous complaints about slow internet speed, Gavin has demanded that action is taken.

The current broadband box is situated over 3km away from most houses in Himley, and one resident has stated that they feel they cannot access much on the internet and that it has ‘left them feeling very much in the past’.

Openreach have said the installation of the fibre optic line would cost around £70,000.

Discussing a need for change, Gavin said: “I want to see action taken to ensure that residents of Himley will be better connected moving forward. Broadband is a vital piece of infrastructure for a community like this and it is imperative that it is installed quickly”.