Pushing Back Against the Reckless Use of Asylum Hotels in Staffordshire

I share my constituents' real anger at the reckless use of hotels and student accommodation to house asylum seekers. I am concerned about the harm this policy does to Staffordshire’s tourism and events industries as well as the pressure it places on local communities. Similarly, it is scandalous that the Home Office has failed to engage in dialogue with local residents and communicate how long they expect this arrangement to last.

That’s why I recently launched a petition calling on the Home Office to stop using hotels to house asylum seekers with immediate effect. This has already been met with overwhelming support from my constituents and I urge you to continue to send in your responses. I look forward to presenting this petition to the Government once we have amassed more signatures.

In the meantime, I have met with representatives from the Home Office, who informed me that the Roman Way Hotel in Cannock will soon no longer be used to house asylum seekers. I welcome this decision, and I hope it is the first positive development of many.

Please do continue to get in touch with me about this issue, whether that is by sending in your responses to my petition or by contacting my office directly via email or telephone.