Reinstate Julie

Today Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, called for action to be taken to reinstate Julie Roberts the Post Delivery Lady who has recently been suspended by Royal Mail.  Julie had her van stolen but through her efforts stopped the van from being taken.  This involved her holding onto the bonnet for over a mile until the vehicle stopped and she was able to reclaim the vehicle.  Unfortunately instead of rewarding her the Royal Mail suspended her from her work and she remains at home awaiting a decision as to whether she will be allowed back to the position that she has held for 20 years.  

Speaking in the Chamber Gavin Williamson MP asked 

what Ministers could do to encourage some common sense on this matter.

  He asked:

'Will my right hon. Friend support me in getting Ministers to answer questions on the dreadful treatment of my constituent, Julie Roberts? She has worked for Royal Mail for 21 years in the villages of Seisdon and Trysull. She recently had her mail van stolen. She immediately jumped on to its bonnet and held on for a mile while the thief tried to make a getaway. She was able to get the van stopped, and regain control of the vehicle. How does Royal Mail treat this lady? It suspends her, and she is under threat of losing her job. People in South Staffordshire want her back in work and Royal Mail to show some common sense and common decency.'

Responding the Rt. Hon. Sir George Young MP said:

'Julie sounds like a courageous lady who was doing her best to defend Royal Mail property, and I will certainly draw my hon. Friend’s remarks to the attention of the Royal Mail chairman, and make sure this lady is recognised, if appropriate, rather than penalised.'


Commenting on this afterwards Gavin Williamson MP said:

 ‘I think the way that Julie has been treated is an utter and total disgrace.  I am absolutely amazed that the Royal Mail has a total lack of any form of common sense and decency in the way that it has treated this incredibly loyal member of staff.  I hope that the Royal Mail can do the right thing and reinstate Julie.’