Petition presented to National Express

Gavin Williamson MP for South Staffordshire, who has been campaigning alongside local residents of Perton, Bilbrook and Codsall against the changes that National Express have recently made to their bus routes, was delighted to join Mr Bill Pace to present a 500 name petition to National Express asking them to reconsider the changes that they have made to their bus routes. 

Recently National Express have introduced changes to the bus routes that serve Bilbrook, Codsall and Perton that have meant that residents in local retirement homes are no longer close to the bus routes that they depend on and in Perton the bus has changed direction altogether which means that the bus shelters are now completely redundant.  Gavin Williamson MP is calling for National Express to re-examine their changes so that the Perton Bus Routes can go in a clockwise direction through the Parkway in Perton so that the bus shelters can be used once again and for the bus company to give some thought to how they can better serve residents in these areas.

Commenting on this Gavin Williamson MP said:

‘I am very glad that National Express agreed to meet with myself and local members of the community.  Local residents are understandably aggrieved by the changes that have been made and more to the point they are upset at the total lack of consultation.  It is my hope that the points that are being made by myself and others will be taken on board and will lead to action being taken by the bus companies to rectify what I believe are highly damaging and frustrating changes.