MP Welcomes change in Law to Stop Sewer Misery


Gavin Williamson MP (Conservative South Staffordshire) has welcomed a change in the law that will end the sewage misery of many in Great Wyrley and South Staffordshire. Gavin Williamson MP who sat on the committee that has changed the law has welcomed the changes that will see many private sewers that have historically never been transferred to the water authority Severn Trent being handed over to the company.


This will be a great relief to many in the two villages who have had to cope with raw sewage spilling out of the private sewers in a few cases. This is a result of a few developments in the area not getting the sewers transferred to the authority after the estates were built.


Commenting on this Gavin Williamson MP said:


"This situation has been a living hell for many families in the area. Ever since getting elected to parliament last year I have wanted to get this crazy situation where many sewers are not managed and maintained by the water companies changed. How can a street of houses manage an d maintain their own sewers it is not possible. I just hope that this change in the law is going to put right an old injustice. I was so very pleased to play my part on the committee to get this sorted out"


Mr Williamson will be pursing this matter with Severn Trent doing all that he can to make sure local sewers that need urgent maintenance and repair are dealt with as top priority.