MP supports 'Send my Friend to School' campaign



Gavin Williamson MP for South Staffordshire was handed an unusual petition of bunting by St Dominic’s School for Girls to raise awareness of the ‘Send my Friend to School’ campaign.  This has been brought together by hundreds and thousands of pupils and tutors in the U.K. who want the Government to keep its promise that every child can go to school no matter where they live in the world.  


This is run by a number organisations including charities and teaching unions who all believe education is really important.  This is especially important to Gavin Williamson M.P. who is the Joint Parliamentary Chairman of the Council for Education in the Commonwealth which looks at encouraging and promoting  education for children from commonwealth countries.


Organiser of the campaign for St Dominic’s School for Girls, Shirley Pearson Head of Sixth Form, said  “We started ‘Send My Sister to School’ campaign early in the year and decided that it was something that the whole school could get involved in.  All the pupils, from Kindergarten to Sixth Form have made a pennant that has been attached to the bunting, which has raised the awareness of how many children in the world aren’t given the chance to have an education.”  She concluded “The 2011 campaign is fucusing on giving girls the same chance as boys to benefit from an education.  If the same number of girls were in school as boys there would be 3.6 million more girls in education today. We hope that the Government will help these girls and keep its promise which is why we have invited Mr Williamson MP to come to our school today and take the bunting back to Parliament”. 


Commenting on this, Gavin Williamson M.P. said “This is a fantastic campaign and one which I am very happy to support along with the Government’s equipment to encourage education within the developing world”.