MP starts campaign for free home to school transport for children

Gavin Williamson MP for South Staffordshire, along with local residents has started a campaign to encourage the County Council to provide free Home to School transport for children in Perton who attend Codsall High School.  They collected over 300 signatures on Saturday outside the Civic Centre in Perton. 

This is a campaign that has been led by community leaders to try and get a change in County Council policy.  Currently the route to school is highly dangerous with children having to walk over two and a half miles to get to Codsall High School, crossing busy roads including the A41. 

Commenting on this Gavin Williamson MP said:

‘The current situation is a total mess.  I would like the County Council to look into this matter where there is provision to do so under the 1944 Education Act whereby if there is no safe route to school transport it must be provided.  Currently we have the ridiculous situation where half of Perton residents are entitled to free Home to School Transport while the other half don’t qualify because they live within three miles of the school.  I hope that the County Council will be able to look into this matter and that this campaign will encourage them to see sense on the issue.’