MP to raise M54 Road Noise issue in Parliament


Gavin Williamson MP for South Staffordshire has called for the Government to take action to reduce road noise from the M54 Motorway.  This follows questions that Gavin Williamson has already put to Ministers on the subject as a result of major investment by Jaguar Land Rover on the i54 site. 


Commenting on this matter Gavin Williamson MP said:


‘I am very much hoping to secure a debate in Parliament in order to discuss this matter publicly so that other MPs can join in and I very much hope that this will enable us to put pressure on both Ministers and the Government to look at what can be done to reduce motorway noise.’


Gavin Williamson MP would like to see the whole stretch of the M54 tarmacked as this could improve upon the current concrete structure and he would also like to see other measures such as boarding along the motorway in order to reduce the noise coming from the M54.