Gavin Works to get more Police in South Staffordshire

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, met with Conservative Police Crime Commissioner Candidate Ben Adams to discuss policies ahead of the election in May.

Discussions took place around plans to get more police on the street in South Staffordshire, how to work closely with councillors to hear resident concerns and measures that will be introduced to prioritise reducing crime.

The election for Police Crime Commissioner across England and Wales will be held on Thursday 7th May 2020.

Commenting on the visit, Gavin said: “It was great to meet with Ben and discuss what plans he has for South Staffordshire if he is elected. I highlighted the need for more police officers in South Staffordshire and want to see a dramatic rise in police numbers. We are seeing an extra 90 police officers in Staffordshire, but I want to see that number grow ever more. I wish Ben all the best for his campaign and look forward to working together in the future”.

Speaking on the visit, Ben said: “I was delighted to meet with Gavin today for a really productive and wide-ranging discussion about the concerns of residents here in South Staffordshire. I am sure my plans to increase police visibility, protect our borders from gangs running ‘county lines’ drug operations and tackle rural crime will be welcomed across the constituency. I ask residents to help shape my plans to keep South Staffordshire Safe before the May elections, or by filling in my survey at”.