Gavin Williamson MP Says No To Incinerator

Gavin Williamson, Member of Parliament for South Staffordshire, has called on the County Council to reject proposals to build an incinerator on the Poplars Landfill Site. 

Gavin Williamson MP has urged the Council to reject the proposals to build this major incinerator as the site is overlooked by many residents of Great Wyrley.  He has urged the County Council to reject this proposal due to the impact that it will have on many locals in the area because of the large increase of traffic that it will bring. 

Gavin Williamson MP is concerned that if this site is built there will be two incinerators within a very small area as the development of the incinerator at four ashes in South Staffordshire is going ahead. 

Commenting on this Gavin Williamson MP said:

‘We already have one major incinerator development just off the A5 and we certainly do not want another.  If this development gets the go ahead I have a great fear that the A5 is going to be turned into incinerator alley which would be bad for all concerned. 

It is my belief that this incinerator should not be allowed to go a head as it is right next door to a residential development and it will cause a massive increase in the amount of traffic on the A5 and also potentially through Great Wyrley heading to Walsall.  We do not want this beautiful area to become an eyesore for so many residents and a dumping ground for all of the West Midlands waste and it is my fear that if this proposal receives the go ahead then this will ultimately happen. It is for these reasons that this needs rejecting.’