Gavin Welcomes Staffordshire Police Funding Increase

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, has welcomed a £14.5 million boost for Staffordshire Police announced this week.

The Government have announced that decade-high funding is being invested in the police, allowing more police officers to be recruited and present in South Staffordshire.

One of Gavin’s pledges ahead of the 2019 General Election was demanding more police for South Staffordshire and is delighted to enact that promise.

Speaking about the announcement, Gavin said: “I’m absolutely delighted we’re in a position where we can put our pledges into action. I have long called for more police presence in South Staffordshire and the figure announced is going to be well served across the community. By having more police on our streets, we can continue to bring down rates of crime across South Staffordshire”.