Gavin visits Sunnyside Kennels

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, visited the kennels in Coven.

Sunnyside Kennels, as part of Birmingham Dogs Home, has a hard-working team of animal lovers with the mission to rescue, reunite and re-home the lost, abused and abandoned dogs from the streets of the West Midlands and South Staffordshire.

As a charity, Birmingham Dogs Home rescues over 3,300 stray dogs a year and support from others is vital in helping them operate. Currently, they are running a 'Christmas Dinner' appeal which helps to feed stray dogs a Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day and New Years Day, at a 50p donation per dog.  Alongside this, they are running a 'shoe box' appeal which encourages people to donate much needed doggie items for strays, which they are given on Christmas Day.

Gavin visited the kennels and met with the hardworking team of volunteers who dedicate so much time into helping care for the dogs. He also met CEO Giles Webber.

Commenting on the visit, Gavin said: "It was so heartwarming, and humbling, to visit Sunnyside Kennels in Coven. It was heartbreaking to see that there are so many animals who have been abandoned, or mistreated, but the staff at Sunnyside work so hard to make the dogs feel safe and loved. Alongside this, they reunite so many lost pets with their families, keeping them safe until they are returned.

I urge residents who are considering getting a dog to visit a local rescue centre. There are so many lovely dogs that are in need of a loving, caring family. However, we must not forget that a dog is not just for Christmas and is a huge responsibility."

For more information on the Birmingham Dogs Home appeals, visit