Gavin visits Rodbaston Animal Zone

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, met with volunteers from the World Owl Trust 

Gavin is a member and a patron of the World Owl Trust (WOT) and supports its work in many ways. Most recently he helped with clearance work at the proposed new site at Himley Park near Dudley. As it stands, over 70 owls are currently being temporarily homed at Rodbaston Animal Zone at South Staffordshire College until the new site has been built. However, as the site it is a historic listed site, it is not known when it will be completed because of delays with the historical excavations being carried out on behalf of the West Midlands Historic Building Trust. Remaining positive, volunteers are hoping that the site will be operational by Spring 2019.

At the event, Gavin met with Alan Peace, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and had an update on the work of the WOT, as well as the progress of the new Centre at Himley Hall. Commenting on Gavin's visit, Alan said: "Even with his very demanding parliamentary job which takes up a lot of his time, Gavin is very supportive in his role as a patron of the World Owl Trust attending trust events whenever he can for which the trust is very grateful".

Commenting on the day, Gavin said: “I had a lovely time visiting Rodbaston Animal Zone last week to have an update on the work of the World Owl Trust. I am always so impressed to hear how hard volunteers work to care for the owls and I was pleased to hear that progress is being made at the new site in Himley Park. I am really looking forward to seeing the site completed as I know it will be a wonderful attraction within South Staffordshire”.