Gavin Supports Highgate Commons and “Natural Heritage Pledge”

Gavin Williamson MP pledged to ‘value our natural heritage’ this week after meeting local nature conservation organisation Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) at the House of Commons.  The event was held to highlight the value of funding nature and its recovery.  It showcased a number of Wildlife Trust projects funded by HLF around the UK. One of these is Highgate Common in South Staffordshire.


Gavin said “It was great to hear how HLF funded Wildlife Trust projects have brought benefits to local wildlife and people. This is most in evidence at Highgate Common a beautiful area that is enjoyed not just by my constituents but by many people living right across the Black Country as well. This shows what can be done if a body invests in and values the natural environment.  I look forward to Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and the Heritage Lottery Fund continuing to work together supported by myself to continue on the excellent work that has already been done by them and so many volunteers.”