Gavin speaks to Birches First School about Parliament and Democracy

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, met with pupils on Friday to emphasise what it means to live in a democratic society.

The pupils at Birches First School in Codsall have been learning all about British values during their Summer Term. Recognising that Gavin plays a huge part in democracy as their local Member of Parliament, they invited him along to speak to their Year 4 class who wanted to ask him a series of questions about his role.

The class grilled Gavin with a series of challenging questions ranging from ‘what happens to members who misbehave ’to ‘what is the most challenging aspect of your job?’. They also asked him more light-hearted questions about British values and what it means to be a Member of Parliament.

Commenting on the visit, Gavin said “it was wonderful to visit Birches First School and to answer the brilliant, yet challenging, questions the pupils posed. The children were extremely enthusiastic about British Values and democracy which I hope resonates with them throughout their life.

It was also very impressive to see the school’s approach to learning which is clearly outstanding. It was obvious that the children were incredibly passionate about learning and enjoyed being at school”.