Gavin pushes for the establishment of a village green in Brinsford

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, recently met with residents in Brinsford to discuss some of the problems they have been facing.

The village of Brinsford has been gifted with a plot of land by the Prison Service to use as a village green for community events. Supporters of the proposal believe that it will contribute towards community cohesion as well as reducing isolation within the village. However, those who are keen to see this proposal pushed forward have been forced to appeal the recent decision to scrap the plans.

Commenting on the proposal, Gavin said: “I think the proposal to install a village green in Brinsford is fantastic and would make an excellent addition to the village: it would be the perfect location to host community events.

"I was concerned to hear that the Parish Council have rejected these plans. The local community should be able to enjoy the Green and I will be pushing for this decision to be reconsidered."