Gavin Provides Severn Trent Water Supply Update

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, has condemned the response of Severn Trent after thousands of constituents were yet again left without water. 

Residents of Essington, Featherstone and surrounding areas have contacted Gavin's office over the last week to report of complete water loss that has affected thousands of residents. 

In an email sent to Gavin's office, Severn Trent claimed that hundreds of millions of extra litres of clean water had been used since last week and have said they would be looking to bring in water tankers. They have offered bottled water to all residents, but that they will need to register for this on their website.

This comes after two major water leaks occurred on Dark Lane in Featherstone and High Hill in Essington over the last few days.

Discussing the loss of water, Gavin said: "It's not good enough that Severn Trent have not been prepared for this. They have suggested that this is due to high demand but industries such as restaurants, fitness centres and pubs are all still closed. They need to act much more quickly to alleviate this problem as there are going to be residents in Featherstone and Essington who are vulnerable or shielding and cannot get out and about. I will continue to put pressure on Severn Trent to ensure that resident safety is prioritised".