Gavin meets with Minister to discuss car boot sales

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, met with Housing and Planning Minister Brandon Lewis to discuss the issue of car boot sales in and around South Staffordshire.

Gavin called for a meeting after complaints from constituents after the mismanagement of car boot sales heavily affected a number of villages in South Staffordshire. During the meeting Gavin discussed the impact car boot sales have had on the particular villages of Shareshill, Featherstone, Himley and Wombourne.

Gavin also discussed the idea of awarding a Market Charter to the District so rogue operators can be properly punished.

Speaking on the issue Gavin said: “I had a very positive meeting with the Minister regarding the issue of car boot sales in South Staffordshire. Residents in the villages of Himley, Shareshill, Featherstone and Wombourne are often blighted by industrial-scale car boot sales and it’s time we did something about it.

“The majority of car boot sales cause no problems for anyone, but sadly some of the operators of these car boots sales show no consideration for local residents and other motorists. Their operations often cause massive congestion and disruption in the local area, sometimes down to the simple fact of mismanagement of sites.

“I want the government to look at what action can be taken so that these sites can be properly regulated. I have raised the idea of awarding a Market Charter so rogue operators can be properly punished and be held to account .”