Gavin demands urgent action following Barclays' plans to close Kinver's only bank

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, has slammed Barclay's plans to close Kinver's only bank which would cause huge problems for residents and businesses alike. 

Barclays, based on Kinver High Street, is the only bank that residents have access to and is used frequently. Despite this, Barclays have made the decision to close the bank which will force residents to visit Stourbridge to have access to their banking. Alongside causing inconvenience for residents, this would greatly affect those who are disabled or elderly.

Commenting on the closure, Gavin said: "I am shocked and disgusted at Barclays' plans to close Kinver's only bank. The bank is a crucial facility in the village and it is ridiculous to close it. Residents would be forced to travel to Stourbridge to visit their nearest bank, which is atrocious.

"Kinver only has one cash machine which is located at Barclays. This closure will have a real negative effect on the vitality of the village centre if residents and visitors alike can't get access to cash. I have called for an urgent meeting with Barclays to express my complete dissatisfaction with this plan. I will be pressing them reconsider this decision, and will want to know what action they are looking to take to address this problem."

Gavin is seeking an urgent meeting with Barclays to find a resolution to some of the problems that the closure will cause.

Photo credited to Stourbridge News.