Gavin Condemns Sainsbury's Attack in Perton

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, has condemned the senseless attack on the Sainsbury’s supermarket in Perton.

Police were called to the supermarket in the early hours this morning after a man had been reported smashing the windows of the store. 

The store is temporarily closed whilst repairs are being made, with the hope of re-opening this evening.

Staffordshire Police have arrested a man and have said the incident is not related to the ‘Covid-19’ pandemic.

The incident comes just a week after both cash machines at the Perton supermarket were vandalised.

Speaking of the incident, Gavin said: “I’m absolutely disgusted at hearing of this news and I’m sure the whole Perton community would join me in condemning these actions. This is a callous and shocking crime at any time, but to do so during a pandemic is all the more awful. Hopefully, the store can return to normal as soon as possible and continue to provide a great service for the residents of Perton”.