Gavin challenges Barclays over Kinver branch closure

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, met with Barclays' Head of Corporate Relations Central.

Barclays have recently shocked Kinver residents by announcing that they intend to close the one and only bank in the village, which is located on the High Street. As a result, residents will be forced to travel to Stourbridge to access their banking, which is extremely difficult for those who do not drive or are physically impaired.

Gavin called for an urgent meeting with Barclays to discuss this decision and has urged them to reconsider.

Commenting on the meeting, Gavin said: " I had a very disappointing meeting with Barclays yesterday who still seem intent on closing their branch in Kinver.

At the meeting, I challenged their Head of Corporate Relations to reconsider this ridiculous decision. As I have said before, the bank is an extremely important facility in the village and the High Street will be stripped of its vitality.

I have demanded a meeting with Barclays' Head of Retail Banking and I will continue to urge them to reconsider this. I very much hope that Barclays address our concerns and I will be doing all I can to put pressure on them."