Gavin celebrates rejection of Upper Landywood Lane planning application

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, has worked alongside residents in opposing the application

On the 17th October, the District Council Planning Committee rejected the application to erect over 90 dwellings at Upper Landywood Lane (17/00223/OUT) on green belt grounds.

Earlier this year, Gavin campaigned against the proposal alongside residents and received almost 1,500 petitions which he then presented to the Chief Executive of the District Council in June.

Commenting on the result, Gavin said: “I am so incredibly pleased that the District Council Planning Committee has rejected the proposal to establish a development on land off Upper Landywood Lane. Residents have worked so hard to get their voices heard and I am so glad that they have been listened to.

I will continue to work alongside residents in South Staffordshire to protect our Green Belt, as well as the distinct identity of our villages."