Gavin calls for safety reassessment of Perton to Codsall walking route

Perton residents have raised a number of concerns about the bus service changes for children attending Codsall High School. Many families will now have to pay over six hundred pounds for a coach pass and many children will now have to walk to school.

However, not only is the walk three miles long, but the majority of residents agree that it is dangerous: children would have to cross the A41 during rush hour traffic, with no crossing, as well as walking on narrow footpaths on roads that are frequented by lorries. Following concerns expressed by parents about the safety of the route, Gavin has written to Staffordshire County Council to have the route reassessed as a matter of urgency.

Speaking about the issue, Gavin said ‘Perton residents have my full support on this campaign: the safety of our children is an absolute priority. I have asked Staffordshire County Council to carry out a rapid review of the safety of this route, and I very much hope that this will lead to changes that are long overdue”.

The petition created by Kathryn Hart, a resident of Perton, in response to these changes can be viewed and signed here…