Gavin Backs 5G Across Staffordshire

Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, has today backed plans to deliver 5G across the whole of Staffordshire by 2023.

The plans would lead to unleashing new investment and opportunities in South Staffordshire, unlocking £1 billion or private and public sector funding. The move would see projected figures of around 14,000 new jobs created within the next two decades, leading to potential further investment into South Staffordshire.

Gavin met with Gary Thompson and Elizabeth Barnes to discuss plans of how 5G would best serve South Staffordshire and how the investment would take the region forward.

Staffordshire would see two 5G parallel networks, which would include the ‘Commercial 5G Network at Scale’ as well as a ‘Test and Innovation Network’ to monitor security and check future services.

If plans were to go ahead, it would see Staffordshire as the first region in the UK to provide 100% Gigabit coverage, which would lead to a full rollout across the UK.

Commenting on the plans, Gavin said: “I’m thrilled to back this plan to see the whole of Staffordshire receive 5G broadband. It’s important that we deliver the best connectivity across our region for businesses, hospitals and households. We are determined to continue levelling-up this country and deliver on our election promises”.