Codsall Station Speaker Fixed

Gavin Williamson MP was delighted to hear that the new speaker system at Codsall railway station has been set at an acceptable volume.

In August concerned residents near Codsall Station wrote to Gavin to say that the new speaker system at Codsall Railway Station was too loud and was disturbing their peace and quiet.  Gavin immeadiately wrote to London Midland who are responsible for the tannoy system to ask them to resolve the situation.

He was delighted to hear on 30th August that London Midland have been in touch with local residents and have reduced the volume of the speakers at the station.  They are also planning to install an upgrade to the system which will target announcements at areas of the station platform which will improve the sound quality and reduce the need for the volume.  They have promised to keep in touch with residents so that the new speakers are installed at the appropriate level.

Commenting on this Gavin Williamson MP said:

'I am so pleased that London Midland have been able to improve things for the residents of Codsall as a result of my intervention.  There is nothing worse than an ongoing loud noise so it is fantastic that this situation has been improved for those in the nearby area.'