Campaign continues for Wildlife Haven

Gavin Williamson MP for South Staffordshire has recently been pursing discussions with the Coal Authority regarding the ownership of land at the former Littleton Colliery in the village of Huntington. 


Gavin Williamson has been discussing this with the Coal Authority to see if the land could be purchased by the local authority to prevent the land falling into the hands of developers. The former colliery lies just next to the area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that is Shoal Hill Common and Gavin believes that this land should be returned for the benefit of local residents. 


Gavin Williamson has just received word from the Coal Authority that they are not looking to return the land to the District Council or Parish Council but Mr Williamson has received confirmation that they are not looking to transfer the land to any private enterprise.  If this is ever considered the Coal Authority have promised to keep Gavin Williamson and both councils informed through close dialogue about future ownership going forwards so that the idea of a community wildlife area can be considered going forward.


Commenting on this Gavin Williamson MP said:


‘I very much welcome the reassurances that I have received from the Coal Authority though there is some disappointment that we cannot pursue the idea of a wildlife park for the moment.  I think that everyone in the area can see the potential for this area to become an environmental safe haven and I will continue to pursue this with the Coal Authority so that the area can be secured for generations to come and make this dream a reality.’