Gavin fights Proposed development on Landywood Lane

Plans have been submitted to build 136 houses on greenbelt land off Landywood Lane, similar to those that were proposed in 2013. I believe that these proposals will not only threaten the identity of the villages of Great Wyrley and Cheslyn Hay but irreversibly damage our greenbelt.

I am deeply disappointed and concerned that these rehashed proposals have been resubmitted. Residents have rejected them once and I intend to fight as hard as I did in 2013 to ensure that they are rejected once more. This development is not wanted or needed by residents and I am determined that the voices of the people of Great Wyrley and Cheslyn Hay will be heard once again.

As with the previous planning application, I will be starting a petition gathering get as many signatures on this petition as possible, so the District Council knows the strength of feeling of residents but equally, so does the Government. This will also be highlighted if the proposals go to the Planning Inspectorate and they will know that the people of Great Wyrley and Cheslyn Hay are strongly against this development.

MPs have no direct power to veto planning applications, however I will be doing all I can to fight these proposals and see them rejected. We have fought these proposals before and I am determined to do all I can to ensure that we defeat them once again. 

For a copy of my peition, please don't hesistate to contact me.